In Kazakhstan, as in any other civilized country, a person can not just take a gun and go to nature to get meat, hides and horns. Any event, during which it is necessary to use weapons, requires a certain number of permits. If we talk about hunting, then before we uncover your faithful “St. John’s wort”, the hunter must put in his pocket:
– identity document;
– hunting permit (license);
– possession license.

These documents must accompany any hunter regardless of the resident country. However, in countries that practice the free sale of weapons, the last point on the list can be surprising. But the absence of such permits in the native state of the hunter should in no way be a problem. Any foreign citizen traveling to Kazakhstan for a hunting tour receives a permit for the import and export of his personal weapons. And this document is obtained by the managers of the peasant economy “Aika” on the basis of data provided by the hunter, and taking into account the legislation in the sphere of weapons trafficking of his (hunter) country.

Further, before entering the hunting lands, the trophy miners must obtain a license to remove a certain type of animal from nature. In addition, the list must necessarily be supplemented by a voucher from a specific hunting farm, on the territory of which the search for an animal and shooting will take place. In the absence of any of the aforementioned permits, a hunter can be stopped and present with legitimate claims by any representative of law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, the guests of the game husbandry “Zaisanskoe” are reliably protected from this kind of trouble.

But after the tour, peasant economy manager will not leave their valued customers without documentary support. They will take on the tasks of formalizing veterinary certificates for the seized animal. They will carry out the necessary tests in laboratories and, if necessary, they will receive a conclusion from the CITES Scientific Body in Kazakhstan. Hunters from Europe can rest easy for sending their prize – since 2017, the peasant economy “Aika” is included in the list of trusted producers entitled to supply hunting trophies to the countries of the European Union.

All documents required to cross the border, to enter the border areas, to register citizens are always processed without requirements and reminders. Guests of the peasant economy “Aika” can rest easy and just enjoy an amazing hunt in the wild corner of East Kazakhstan, on the expanses of the game husbandry “Zaisanskoe.”