The hunting farm “Zaysanskoe” occupies almost the entire Kazakh part of the Saur Ridge. This amazing area is glorious by the richness of the animal world since immemorial time. The tacit confirmation of these words is a complex of petroglyphs in the Okay Tract. Artists of antiquity engraved hunting scenes on almost every stone. Due to its freedom from civilization, the Saur has not lost its wealth to this day. The vast mountain world includes many natural zones: from prairies and shrubs, to firn fields and glaciers. And, it is quite naturally that in this world various representatives of fauna coexist.

The main inhabitant of the ridge is a maral. In the scope and shape of the horns, this red deer surpasses its fellow-subspecies. With that in mind, the maral bone crown is a coveted trophy for hunters from many corners of the planet. However, besides maral, there are many other animals and birds that are attractive to the experienced hunter in the GH “Zaisanskoe” lands. So, for example, in the neighbor of the “bugu” (one of the local names of maral) is the Siberian roe deer – another species of ungulates, whose trophy the guests of Zaisanskoe can bring home from the Saur.

The wild boar also inhabits the Saur. It is slightly smaller than its “below living” conspecifics, but it is also of interest in terms of trophy. A group of a small fur-bearing animal is widely represented. On the slopes of Saur, here and there you can meet a mountain hare, a Siberian weasel, a stoat, a polecat and a badger. Very often there is a marmot – a favorite target for local hunters. And where there are rodents and burrowing animals, it is natural to see the fox. Great number of small animals are very attractive for various kinds of predators. On the slopes of the ridge, wolves, lynxes and bears feel in freedom.

The feather game of the Saur is also diverse. Of the available animals for the hunters it should be noted black grouse, ptartridge, chukar and snowcock. There is also a shy pheasant. Its strength varies greatly depending on the conditions of the past winter. In order to remedy this situation, the GH “Zaisanskoye” together with UNDP Kazakhstan has established a farm where this bird multiplies in semi-free conditions. Grown-up individuals are released into the wild. In this way, the number of pheasant in the Saur is regulated.

In general, summarizing all of the above, the visitors of the GH “Zaisanskoe”, in addition to stalking a maral, can devote the remaining free time to hunting for other species of animals. Saur is great, rich and will keep busy.