Zaisan hunting grounds are located about 500 kilometers from the regional center, where there is a large airport. However, our guests will not notice this distance, because at the exit from the terminal, a comfortable car will wait them . It will take hunters for trophies to Zaisan in a matter of hours. The road lies through the illimitable Kazakhstani prairies, overgrown mountains by forests, along the shores of the ancient lake. The diversity of the landscape outside the light will not let you get bored during the whole trip.

Those who do not like long trips can take advantage of the long-time partner services of the GH “Zaisanskoe” – the Aviation Division of East Kazakhstan region. Helicopters in flight weather very quickly bring travelers directly to the hunting place. Mi-8 is able to take on board not only an impressive group of people, but also a bag cargo.

In the mountains of the Saur off-road vehicles will come to the rescue of hunters. With its help, they will get to temporary camps, located near the main animal habitats. The weather and the time of the year are of no importance. Technique of GH “Zaisanskoe” is ready for any surprises. Tractors will break through congestion, off-road vehicles will get past an obstacle. The drivers have done this more than a dozen times. They remember each hole and a hummock from memory. This fact makes the last leg of the trip fascinating and safe.

The process of hunting does not suffer car noise. But walking on the mountains on foot is necessary as a last resort. As you approach the beast. Or to stretch legs. The main part of the hunter’s way and his belongings will carry the horses. They grew up on the Saur slopes. They are accustomed to climbs and descents with a rider in the saddle and without him. The horses are smart and easy-going. Even a person, not experienced in riding, can cope with them. For complete peace of mind, the horse groups are accompanied not only by the gamekeeper, but also by an assistant who will watch the horses.

We can safely say that the GH “Zaisanskoe” for any case has a technical unit or a reliable partner. Our guests can go saturate themselves in hunting and do not think about their safety and transport problems.